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Who doesn’t love a common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis)? Cuttlefish are known as masters of camouflage. Since cuttlefish are sandwiched in the food web it makes camouflage literally a lifesaver. This complex system helps them avoid being eaten as well allows them to sneak up on prey. Very generally speaking, their capabilities come from having special types of skin cells that can control pigment and light reflection.


Cuttlefish are found in temperate and tropical waters along the coastlines of the continents that fall within this zone. However, they are totally absent from the Americas. There are 120 species of cuttlefish and they belong to the class Cephalopoda which includes nautiluses and octopuses.


Another strange fact about cuttlefish is that they have 3 hearts! One is used to circulate blood throughout its body and the other two are used to pump blood to each of the two gills the cuttlefish has.  Cuttlefish have a blue-green blood that is much less capable of carrying oxygen than red blood. This means they have to pump blood at a higher rate, so having 3 hearts devoted to the task is pretty useful.  

Sepia officinalis


Want to know about this species? Check out my time lapse on my YouTube channel: